"Healthiest Margarines"Healthiest Margarines? Only Melt® Organic Has Great Taste That Is Truly Good For You

Even the healthiest margarines can’t compare to Melt® Organic’s perfect blend of virgin coconut oil and healthy, organic ingredients. At Last, Good Fat!

You deserve to enjoy the best in life. That’s where Rich & Creamy Melt® comes in. Even the healthiest margarines can’t compete with the healthy ingredients in Melt® Organic spread. Melt’s perfect blend of virgin organic coconut, sunflower and flaxseed oils converts to energy instead of storing as fat. The ingredients in margarines simply don’t compare to the healthy oils used in rich and creamy Melt® Buttery Spread. Plus, you can’t cook and bake with even the healthiest margarines, and  Rich & Creamy Melt® cooks, tops, bakes and melts just like butter.

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